2018 성좌의 변증법: 소멸과 댄스플로어, 플랫폼 엘The Dialectic of the Stars: Extinction Dancefloor, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

2nd year anniversary, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center presents a group exhibition
The Dialectic of the Stars: Extinction Dancefloor

2018.04.06 - 2018.06.10
Platform-L Contemporary Art Center
Bona Park, IM Youngzoo, Jeong Seyoung, Onejoon Che, Arash Nassiri, Daiga Grantina, Jochen Dehn, Lola Gonzàlez, Mimosa Ehcard, Olivier Dollinger, Pepo Salazar, Pierre Gaignard, Samir Ramdani

The Dialectic of the Stars: Extinction Dancefloor
Globalization has put us in an entropic reality that has long been considered a progress under the thumb of modernity. The accumulation of works of art seems close to impossible in the context of the vast cultural field. Let us imagine for a moment that works of art are an array of stars. An exhibition then is a temporary formation of a constellation. It draws a topographical map that offers a perceptive mental configuration, far from the omnipotent perspective of the reason. This allegorical mode guards against explanatory or illustrative approach. Instead, it invites works in the exhibition to freely drift around. The Dialectic of the Stars: Extinction Dancefloor refers to the way in which an exhibition is curated and works of art are allowed their autonomy to unlock their full potential. As Bruno Latour recently remarked in his book, Where to land? A comment on political direction (2017), “the new universality is to realize that the land is giving in.” He emphasized that politics needs to reinvent itself with the ecological emergency in mind moving away from struggle between the Global and the Local. The Dialectic of the Stars: Extinction Dancefloor does not deploy an artistic device that intends to make an explicit commitment to make the earth a new value. Alternatively, it plays on the ambivalence between the promised catastrophe of the earth and the intense desire to assert its validity. The exhibition raises questions on late capitalism through a network of meanings that connect heterogeneous art works. Although it does not provide a straightforward answer, it remains an invaluable tool for dismantling our ideas and mutating our affects.